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Wednesday requires a Chanel traditional Flap in Gold Alligator

mom Nature decided to send a downpour of rain with a mix of wind as well as a sprinkling of downright nasty to nyc today. I’ve been stuck inside desperately trying to discover a method to boost my spirit as well as keep me moving while the weather condition is so drab.

This Chanel bag will bring a smile as well as an intense sense of yearning to everybody who sets their eyes on it. No matter what it appears like outside my window, the Chanel traditional Flap in Gold Alligator makes whatever right in my world today.

Fall shades would look so stunning with this gold traditional Flap. The surface is not an in-your-face gaudy look, rather a used as well as delightful handle metallic gold. I would like to wear this with a smooth pair of slacks as well as crisp blouse. Ah, a woman can dream. What would you pair this stunning (and unfortunately no longer available) Chanel traditional Flap in Gold Alligator?

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