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Nicky Hilton adds a Chanel grasp to her substantial Bag Collection

Here’s Nicky Hilton, attending an nyc screening of Jim Jarmusch’s new vampire flick only lovers Left alive and carrying a Chanel young boy brick Clutch. Nicky has an extremely prolific bag collection, but she seems to be favoring eternally elegant black Chanel bags as of late. We saw her out with her sister Paris a few months ago with a very trendy Chanel Chain young boy Bag, and last summer we found her in LA with a Chanel Quilted Chain strap Bowler Bag.

Even with all of her recent Chanel acquisitions, Chanel bags only represent a small fraction of Nicky’s huge, ridiculously diverse bag collection. If you haven’t yet seen her edition of “The numerous Bags of…”, it’s unquestionably one of the best we’ve ever done. (And yes, we feel obliged to draw attention to it each time her name appears on the site, and we won’t stop until we can rest assured that every PB reader is well acquainted with the majesty that is Nicky Hilton’s handbag stash.)

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