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JPK Paris Sasha large Hobo

has any individual observed a glut of JPK Paris nylon handbags in stores lately? first I observed them in Nordstrom, and then I saw them at a boutique this weekend, and now they’re also being carried by Nordstrom’s website. For a bag I had never heard of before two weeks ago, they seem to be showing up in a lot of places.

And maybe that’s for a reason – the JPK Paris Sasha large Hobo seems like a perfectly affordable handbag, although I’m not sure about the price.

As far as nylon bags go, this is certainly one of the nicest that I’ve encountered lately. I’m normally not a fan of the fabric when it pertains to high-end bags, but it’s pouring buckets here today and having something non-leather to take outside doesn’t seem like a bad idea. but am I ready to pay several hundred dollars for one? That remains to be seen.

The a lot of excellent part of this bag is its construction. It’s fully lined, just as if it were made of leather, and the strap is wide, thick, and substantial. My favorite part is the hardware – it’s chunky and well-designed, and it takes center stage against the basic backdrop that this bag provides.

The hardware, leather handle, and full lining make this bag a little heavier and a lot a lot more substantial-feeling than you’d expect of a nylon bag, and I indicate that as a compliment. They’ve full succeeded in taking something drab and refining the details to make it high-end, and I wish I had one to carry in today’s weather. get through Nordstrom for $245.

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