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How to Wear a leather Skirt in summer






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Leather is not generally the material most women envision when thinking about summer appeal. After all, animal hides can be thick and heavy — and thinking about donning something thick and heavy in sweltering summer temperatures can give you nightmares about skin chafing. but don’t fret, leather lovers. You CAN wear a leather skirt comfortably in the summer when you follow these simple tips.

1. less is Better

When it comes to summer leather, less is usually better. instead of a weighted, full-length skirt, opt for a knee length affair, or even a mini skirt. The less material the more comfortable you’ll be.

2. keep It Light on Top

Only Faux leather Mini Skirt, $40, ASOS

If you choose to wear a leather skirt during the summer, stick with a lightweight top to help keep the ensemble as airy as possible. Lightweight, breathable materials, such as cotton, are excellent at absorbing moisture while allowing your skin to effectively “breath” in the heat.

3. switch to Faux

Save your real leather duds for fall, and switch to an imitation fabric that will give you the look of real leather without the weight. many false leathers are lighter and more breathable than their real counterparts, making them a wise option for summer weather wear.

4. Go for bright Colors

Wrap Faux leather Mini, $25, Mango

We’ve all heard that black clothing absorbs the most amount of heat, while lighter colors absorb the least heat. stay cooler while wearing a leather skirt by skipping traditional black styles, and choose colorful leather instead. Pastels and neon hues are fun for summer.

5. sport Pleats

Vegan leather Skirt, $68, Shoptiques

Some styles of leather skirts are more suitable for hot weather. To keep the hot leather material from clinging to your skin, choose a looser, flowy style, such as a pleated or circle skirt. Pleats also add visual interest to an otherwise plain leather skirt.

6. Wear High-Waisted Styles

High Waisted Seamed leather Pencil Skirt, $36 (on sale), Express

High-waisted leather skirts always flatter, and can offer some other perks too. Tuck your shirt into your high-waisted skirt to act as a barrier between the leather and your skin to prevent shafting and moisture buildup.

7. limit the Leather

If you’re going to wear summer leather, choose just one article of leather clothing. An all-leather ensemble is simply a bad idea when it’s hot. pair your leather skirt with a cotton tank top and a pair of sandals for the perfect summertime outfit.

Leather is an edgy, sexy material that many women love to sport year round. Wear it right and you won’t feel like you’re getting smothered this summer.

Ladies, are you wearing leather this summer? Share your secrets for staying cool!

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