Elie Tahari makes cork look stylish

To my knowledge, I have only when previously written about a bag made from cork, as well as I kind of cleaned off the material as gimmicky as well as without longevity. Well, having now seen a cork bag in person, I believe I’ve got to take back my original viewpoint on the material. I’m okay with being wrong, as long as that means that somewhere out there, a bag is surprisingly fabulous.

The cork bag that I had the pleasuring of playing with in genuine life was the Elie Tahari Cynthia Handbag, as well as I couldn’t have been more surprised as well as delighted. Not only did the cork have a soft, velvety structure to it, however the bag was light as a feather.

It hadn’t occurred to me that cork would be a super lightweight material for a handbag, however it most likely should have – I’ve had lots of cork in my hands in other capabilities (ahem – someone’s got to open the wine), as well as indeed, it evaluates almost nothing. most of the heft of this bag comes from the Chanel-reminiscent chain, however I barely noticed it when I put it on.

The cork has a nice metallic surface to it that makes this bit bag the perfect glam accessory for warm weather, as well as the double chain strap likewise lengthens (in a method that is likewise Chanel-reminiscent) to enable the bag to be used across the body. This bag is cute, practical as well as constructed out of a sustainable, lightweight material – what’s not to love? buy with Zappos for $252.

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