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Which leather bracelet is Your Favorite?

I’ve been wanting to design/make leather bracelets forever! I really tried like 6 years ago, however I was cutting corners to save money rather than really style what I wanted. It was all about utilizing scrap leather as well as our existing strap dies to keep the expense down. What I realized was I wasn’t doing anybody any type of favors. So last year, because I had a bit more time on my hands than usual, I lastly developed three that I would wear in a heartbeat as well as I like all of them for extremely different reasons!

1. Our studded Lexy bracelet: The stylish rock-‘n’-roll beauty lusters with in our full grain leather studded bracelets with our signature domed studs. I’d called it edgy chic.

2. Our fringe Tori bracelet: currently only offered in our new metallic leathers, this goes from edgy to dressy to laid-back as well as back again. The fringe adds just the best amount of style to any type of look, whether you want to flavor up your daily denim or a bit black gown in all the best ways.

3. Our Sadie Hairon hide: Well I believe these speak for themselves. No requirement for fringe or studs to up the style element on these. There’s something so special about the simplicity of it.

Yet after developing as well as making them, I realized I still had a thing or two to discover about bracelets. SIZING!!

Don’t get me wrong, they are still fantastic as well as all. however developing purses for the most part is a ONE size fits all kinda situation. Of course, even that isn’t 100%, therefore our Mini-Lauren as well as Mini-Pamela as well as most likely soon to be Mini-Nikki LOL However, for bracelets it’s much more like clothing,  it depends upon whether you like them loose, snug or somewhere in-between.

Although best now, I only have one size that fits “most,” I am planning on adding an additional set of snaps so the present size might be much more like a S/M as well as then a somewhat longer one with double snaps also for a L/XL kinda fit. crossing my fingers that assists resolve the sizing problems as well as answers any type of concerns you may have. then it’s just about which one talks to you.

Let us understand in the comments below which is your favorite?

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ps: if you are wondering if we make men’s leather bracelets…well not exactly. However, I personally believe our Moto leather because it’s somewhat much more structured might certainly work for men. however they may want to wait on the larger size

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