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I can’t believe we have actually never asked this inquiry before. Why are jeans blue? But Company Insider asked the question as well as explored the response in a video clip that you can view below. They state it’s because of the means indigo color engages with cotton.

However I muse claim, I’m not 100% pleased. Why did someone choose indigo to begin with? No one could have known, the first time they made use of the dye with cotton, exactly how it would connect with the material.

So, I get on a mission to dig a little deeper and figure out the solution. This Slate article claims to clarify it, yet it still does not, truly. It says that Levi’s originally provided to hand-operated workers cotton “duck” trousers, constructed from tent-like material, as well as cotton denim pants colored blue with indigo. The pants, the write-up states, were a lot more comfortable, and also therefore for duck trousers were eliminated.

This still does not discuss why indigo was used in the first place. If anyone recognizes, please allow me know as well as stay tuned!

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