Furla Adriana Slouchy Hobo

So, exactly how do all of us feel about navy blue bags? The pattern has been continuous for a while now, as well as we’ve all had time to get utilized to the idea. have any type of of you men purchased them? Do you get as much utilize out of them as you would a black or grey bag? would you purchase them again?

I haven’t purchased one since I worry that it would clash with my wardrobe, which is mostly comprised of blacks, dark greys, as well as brights. I don’t believe navy would work with the amount of black that I typically wear, as well as you have to be type of cautious about mixing brights with other colors. So I’m not sure that navy is for me, however if it was, I’d be lusting after the Furla Adriana Slouchy Hobo. As far as bags that I would buy, it’s prototypical: hobo shape, good elbow clearance for swinging it onto my arm, slouchy-and-thick leather. If it was a different color as well as had an outside pocket for my Blackberry, you might indication me up for one of these today. purchase with Saks for $495.

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