Purseonals: Rebecca Minkoff Nikki Hobo

To make sure each of my Purseonals articles are as precise as possible, I’ve been bring the bag I am going to evaluation for at least five days directly before I sit down to share my thoughts with you. This method I utilize the bag utilized as part of my daily life, from short tasks to long days out as well as about.

Under evaluation now is my Rebecca Minkoff Nikki Hobo, a bag that I have liked considering that Rebecca very first released it, yet somehow I only own one Nikki myself. I got this bag about 7 months back as well as have utilized it off as well as on rather a bit.

Here is exactly how my Rebecca Minkoff Nikki scores in our PurseBlog Purseonals ratings:

A hobo is a shape that lots of covet, as well as Rebecca Minkoff had an simple time producing a traditional hobo style. The Nikki fills every aesthetic wish I have when it pertains to a great hobo – the shape is slouchy however not totally limp as well as the sides have some extra hardware to provide a special touch.

When you lay the Nikki down flat, the top of the bag is almost touching the top handle. At a glimpse it will seem like there is no method this bag will in shape over your carry as well as be comfortable, however the body of the bag slouches to provide you about a 9″ carry drop. This is sufficient when I have a thinner tee shirt on, however the bag always slides down my carry when I’m using a sweatshirt or jacket. one more inch for the decrease would be great, two would be ideal.

If it seems like I am not stating much about the aesthetics, it is since I am not. The majority of hobos are both basic as well as expected, which is neither a great or poor thing – it is just a hobo thing. as well as this expected shape as well as look is what Rebecca supplies with her Nikki bag.

Usability + performance

Rebecca Minkoff is understood for her hardware detailing, as well as while the Nikki I own does not have a ton of extra details, the hardware still adds a bit of weight to the bag. If I bring this bag for hours straight, I will begin to switch it from carry to carry to split the weight since with the bag filled up it digs into my carry as well as feels heavy after a while.

As I discussed in aesthetics, the manage decrease works as long as I’m not using anything as well thick as well as sits well on my shoulder. The bag hugs tight to my body which always makes it feel a lot more secure. The top closes with a magnetic snap closure, leaving two ends of the bag easily accessible to unwanted hands – however that would only occur if you were bring the bag in the crux of your arm or hand. When used on my shoulder, the bag feels risk-free as well as snug. I understand a zipper top seems like it would be irritating to open as well as shut, however considering that I am on the go so much – I like it for safety reasons.

The inside of the Nikki has a spacious zip pocket on one side as well as three open pockets on the other side. like lots of bags, when you reach down into the big open compartment, finding certain products is difficult – however it is like that with all bags. To reach into the bag you requirement to slide it down your shoulder, however I discover the interior pockets useful to separate items.

Quality + building
I have checked out evaluations of people in the RM Forums that have had problems with their RM bags. However, for the time that I have had this bag, I have not experienced any type of high quality problems. The thick leather has a minor glossy surface as well as even if I actually scratch my nail over the bag, it does not leave a mark. I haven’t used the bag long sufficient to see exactly how years of utilize impacts it, the corners are in fantastic shape ideal now as well as the hardware has held up. The leather on my Nikki is thick as well as smooshy, not as soft as I generally like however not stiff either.

The only problem I have is about the high quality as well as consistency of leather utilized on opposing panels. To add a style element, there is a double stitch in the front as well as back center of the bag. Upon better inspection, different panels of leather are utilized right here that satisfy in the middle. I’m a stickler for leather matching up completely as well as while not almost as poor as I’ve seen on other bags, there are minor leather discrepancies.

The inside is lined in a cotton canvas dark brown/black kiss print lining. all of the pockets are simple to access, as well as the open pockets in shape a phone perfectly. Rebecca Minkoff bags always make sure inside performance is a top priority, as well as that is obvious with the Nikki.

For a spacious, all-leather, large hobo (18″x 4″x 14.5″) from a contemporary designer, the cost is extremely reasonable. Rebecca Minkoff styles have gathered tons of interest from shoppers, stars as well as fashionistas alike, as well as compared to other hobos this size under $500 is on the lowerside. like lots of contemporary designers, the bag is not made in the USA. The Nikki costs $495 by means of Rebecca Minkoff as well as ShopBop.

The ‘It’ aspect
When it pertains to a great looking hobo, Rebecca Minkoff delivers with her Nikki. A basic hobo has a difficult time ending up being a truly stylish as well as sought-after bag, however it is an very crucial shape in the purse world. If you ever get me ranking a hobo with a supremely high “it” aspect – it will be incredibly special. This hobo is the meaning of ‘easy chic’.


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