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In need of Nylon: 12 of the very best picks up for sale ideal now

Nylon has been making a severe comeback over the last couple of years. At first you may scoff at the idea of costs severe cash on a nylon bag, but now much more than ever having a bag you can easily wipe clean is a severe priority.

While summertime may look a bit different for numerous of us around the globe, personally, my style has already been much more laid-back and dressed down than ever before. I tend to reach towards much more kicked back attire and silhouettes, frequently pairing sneakers with gowns or laid-back bodysuits with jeans, and lately I’ve observed a need in my wardrobe for a much more stylish purse. hi nylon.

When done right, nylon bags can be just as elegant and smooth as their leather counterparts, and now there are much more choices than ever on the market. From belt bags to large totes and beyond, designers (both high-end and contemporary) are doing nylon a million different ways.

I’ve been scouring the web to find a nylon bag for my collection, and I’m currently in the process of choosing if I must invest in a big name designer pick, or go the contemporary route. though truthfully I am leaning towards Prada as Prada nylon is a essential for the brand and they do it so well. Luckily, I found a slew of elegant picks at a range of cost points so we’ve got you covered if you’re in need of nylon as well.

Caraa Valencia carry ($177)

Saint Laurent logo Nylon Belt Bag ($750)

Prada little logo Plaque carry ($1,170)

Burberry The medium Rucksack ($1,390)

Prada Tessuto carry Bag ($1,150)

STAUD Ronnie Nylon Bag ($250)

Off-White little Puffy Nylon Bag ($1,200)

Prada Nylon Belt Bag ($970)

Caraa little Cirrus backpack ($135)

Ganni little Leopard Nylon video camera Bag ($115)

Balenciaga XS printed container Bag ($835)

Prada logo Nylon container Bag ($1,185)

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