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Handmade Paper from India

I was so thrilled for my Colouricious Holidays Block Printing Scenic Tour of India in March 2020 … and then the Covid-19 lockdowns hit as it as completing! Focusing on Jaipur and surrounding areas, we enjoyed block printing workshops educated by regional artisans, plus we saw presentations of genuine crafts and textile techniques, engaged with regional storekeepers as well as workers. Linda Snow is imagined below (left) with me and also Libby Fritsche, both of whom joined me on excursion. I’m sharing much of Linda’s photos below for you and I intend to thank her for recording our trip so well!

One highlight was an excursion of this paper making manufacturing facility, Salim’s Paper, one of the largest paper factories in the country.

The hand-made paper boxes as well as decorated papers that were featured in this week’s e-newsletter were made below! This factory includes an element that intends to utilize employees who are not qualified for other tasks, including women unskilled rural workers who get training.

When we checked out, I was impressed with the amount of reusing that the whole Indian culture supports. The amount of fabrics generated in India is enormous, and equally is used to create items for resale. Another recent enhancement to our online shop are hand-made journals (full of wonderful cotton rag paper) that are magnificently covered in silk textile that is upcycled from classic sari and traditional garments. Upon access to the factory, one of the very first things we saw were the big bags of cotton material scraps (pictured below). The fabric scraps are then processed and also placed in a bathtub, inevitably producing paper pulp.

These 2 males are dipping a screen right into the pulp bathroom, shaking the water out, laying the structure paper side down on to the pile of paper, getting rid of the paper from the screen– and also doing it all over and over.

Such a labor-intensive process! Based on exactly how heavy the paper is, I would certainly say you have to be rather solid and have good endurance!

The part of the factory we were incapable to see was the drying and also the printing methods, that include display printing and also block printing. These steps are done on the roof of the factory! Unfortunately this section of the process had not been in procedure when we visited.

Heaps and heaps of handmade papers!

Then we continued to the setting up component of the factory. We were excited by this male arranging the documents for gluing.

Here you can see several of the procedure of making the strong paper boxes that are covered with the ornamental paper sheets.

After that we were off to the present store with a vast variety of stunning paper items!

The paper items that are handmade from cotton cloth paper have a fantastic feel to them. It actually does feel like cotton material, with a terrific hand and stamina. This manufacturing facility offers to create alternatives to wood pulp documents, so it is green. I wish this short glimpse of the effort happening every day gives you a heightened recognition for handcrafted paper.

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