hi beautiful blog readers,

I have huge news for everyone! I will be overhauling the blog to make it much more helpful for everyone! The very first thing is to note that the domain has altered from to In addition to this, I will be altering whatever from the site design, all the method to exactly how sites are recommended. currently you will see that there is a suggested sellers page as well as I will be converting this into a sellers ranking page where I will function all popular sellers that are currently out in the market as well as rank them based on their product quality. I always get asked, “how great is seller x or seller y?” as well as in purchase to make the evaluation side of the site much more helpful I will try to go with all prominent sellers as well as offer a evaluation of their high quality based on my personal opinion, as well as opinions of blog visitors that email me their own personal experiences!

This method I hope to broaden the suggested seller listing greatly, as well as even much more significantly offer a much better method of gaging who offers what type of high quality so people can have much better buying advice! one more essential modification is that I will likewise begin to evaluation authentic designer bags. As numerous of you know, many blog readers, as well as I myself own both authentic as well as replica pieces. I will begin to showcase much more of my authentic collection, as well as offer evaluations on these pieces in addition to well as the sources where I got them from (e.g. consignment stores, the brand shop etc.)! I will likewise be adding much more guides to assist determine between authentic as well as fake handbags. general I hope these modifications will make the blog much more useful!

These modifications will be upcoming within the next few weeks, as well as months so keep your eyes peeled! If you have any type of concerns feel totally free to ask in the comments below!


Angie xoxo

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