Spring launch Preparations

It’s halfway through February and you know what that means…..the spring collection launch is right around the corner! As the lifestyle marketing intern, there’s a lot of steps to take in order to get ready for the launch which releases near the end of March.

One of the most important tasks is creating the spring postcards now to pre-promote the new collection in online order packages and have at events so women don’t forget what bag they were looking at and remember to come back to buy it!

Throwing a picture along with some verbiage on a postcard may sound easy but there’s a lot more to the process than you think. We first choose our favorite pictures from the fashion shoot and then size/crop the picture since the postcards are of a specific size. utilizing the rule of thirds is crucial when cropping your picture because there needs to be balance and room for the logo and tag line.

Once all this is completed, the hardest part comes next…..thinking of what to say about the collection on the back. You want to make sure you creatively and accurately describe the collection since this goes on the back of each postcard.

Along with the postcards, I design an Instagram grid. Typically, we’ll create a set of 9 Instagram blocks in order to create a larger image on our feed. We create these as a fun way to highlight big events, like the spring launch, since it really captures attention through its size.

I usually incorporate about 2 to 3 lifestyle images along with a few product shots while using quotes that correspond with the theme of the launch. It’s all about positioning and finding the right images when working on the grid!

Beyond lifestyle marketing, I recently went with Brynn to a meeting with one of our boutiques and saw everything from the merchandising perspective. I never really knew what exactly wholesale meant before working with Brynn.

We brought a suitcase full of the spring sample bags and a few bags from past collections to help refresh their current selection before they receive their spring order. It was interesting to hear about a store from the buyers perspective, from the overwhelming amount of emails from new designers to the limited space she has to work with. I knew it was competitive but not how competitive to be sold in a boutique.

I’m typically always working on the digital marketing material so it was cool to see how the bags are advertised and sold in person. It was really eye-opening to see how everything works when communicating with our boutiques.

Each day that I’m in the office, I’m able to learn from multiple perspectives which is one of the major perks to interning with a small business!

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