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What to Wear: Dead of winter season

It’s never fun getting dressed when it’s cold outside!

It’s especially hard to be fashionable. but no matter where you are going, something warm and colorful ought to help.

Puffy coats used to make us look bigger than we already felt. So pick one that is light in color and long, it ought to help with the bulk. Personally, I like the synthetic fur trim on puffer coats with a hood, it not only keeps you warmer but looks so arctic. I adore the combo of darker fur and the light pink color. The aged leather on the Aquarius Lauren bag adds dimension and functionality to your look.

Top it off with cable-knit accessories like these beautiful and comfy UGG boots (so different than the common ones) and fingerless gloves so you can still use your phone. great part is these accessories can be worn over any look, whether you are going to the office, shopping or out to eat.

Key is to brighten your mood when you’d just rather be sitting in front of the fire.

What to Wear: Dead of winter season by brynn-capella featuring a puffer coat

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