Low stock Alert!!! Oh No!

Don’t you dislike it when the product you’ve been checking out on the internet offers out before you hit “Add to Cart” or worse yet, when you’ve already added it to your cart as well as it offers out before you can total your purchase! believe me, I’ve been there too! Sometimes, women like it so much, they email us about when we will make more. I believe since as a little service of locally handcrafted goods, they are hoping that’s an simple request. issue is, as a little business, we can’t stock all the raw materials needed to be able to offer that option.

And considering that we are small, we have never made big quantities of our leather products either. In fact, we utilized to only do one run of each color option. After a few years, we realized that’s not the very best thing for our bottom line. right here we are costs great deals of money on product shots, way of life pictures as well as then we just with them away?! So we updated our service design to make a lot more of finest sellers as well as mark down all the others to make space for new colors as well as styles eventually.

But sometimes, people get confused at the difference between locally hand-crafted products as well as little service products locally made. seems confusing right?! however since we work with freelance sewers, we generally try to make the very best utilize out of our time in the production studio. just indicating although we don’t do custom-made work or make one bag at a time, we try to keep our production costs down as well as make little amounts of each at one time.

So we wished to provide you a heads up on products that are about to offer out! You’re welcome


Of course, we’d like to have the very best of both worlds as well as be able to make custom-made orders, that’s something we hope to be able to offer in the future. since ideal now it’s generally a balancing act to state the least, between the range of styles we make, adding as well as creating new styles, introducing new color methods in primary prominent styles as well as trying to keep finest sellers in stock!

So although we will make a lot more of offered OUT finest sellers, ideal now on the calendar is a lot more guitar style straps in may (since those were incredibly popular), two new summertime colors in June, completing our little updates as well as using a lot more Edie Totes in July as well as introducing 4 new colors for autumn 2021. Of course, we’d like to make a lot more of Woodstock as well as Wicked, considering that we can’t seem to keep those colors in stock as well as a lot more Mini-Pamela (we are low in stock of all colors)! It’s always so hard to choose which to do first!

But at the exact same time it is so interesting to be back working on new things, finding new colors as well as getting comments directly from you! Our FB online delighted hours have been growing in numbers every week. as well as it’s not this big sales pitch however just a fun conversation with fans. If you haven’t been you truly must join the fun, bring a glass of white wine if you like as well as ask questions, tell stories. It’s all good!

Here’s one more link to our low stock Alert of our primary collection: click here

Of course, we don’t make a lot more of our Sale items, when those offer out, they are gone for good. Here’s a link to our Last possibility of those Sale items: click here

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