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Baubles, Bags & Garb

This past Wednesday, I got to help out with the Baubles, Bags & Garb event that Brynn was a part of! This was a designer event that featured Brynn, Heidi Hess and Dana Reed. Whether you were concerning shop or just to hang out and mingle with the designers, it was a very fun time filled with champagne, snacks and even a few cute dogs!

Luckily, Dana has an amazing studio located in Ravenswood that we were able to use as the space for the event. She typically uses this space to hand-make her jewelry but it’s also big enough to where she can use the other half of the studio for events. This certainly sparked Brynn’s interest in possibly renting out a studio of her own one day. It’d be convenient for hosting events or meeting with anybody interested in shopping her handbags.

We’re always interested in participating in new events, whether big or small. This was certainly one of our smaller functions but in some cases these events turn out to be the most fun. It’s always terrific to make new connections and chit-chat with the designers or shoppers. Not to mention, we were able to have MOET champagne sponsor the event so that certainly made things much more fun.

Heidi designs clothing and Dana is a jewelry designer but everyone is based out of Chicago and made in USA. As a small company with similar interests, Brynn has been able to connect with Heidi and Dana through Chicago shows and fairs. The 3 of them thought this event would be a terrific little get-together to host giveaways and invite people to sip & shop. despite it being on a Wednesday night, it ended up being a terrific turn out!

Overall, I had so much fun being able to help with the event. I got to take some fun boomerangs and pictures all while getting to know the other designers and their shoppers. I certainly loved the studio space and think that it would be a terrific addition for Brynn to have!

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