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@PursesandPaws should Be Your Newest Obsession, trust us

like many of you, I am Instagram obsessed. when I introduced the PurseBlog Instagram account a few years ago, I was hooked as well as it started to ended up being a big part of my day. While Vlad as well as I don’t have our own pet yet (we are planning to get a puppy sometime soonish!), I am still completely enthralled with other people’s pets – like @pepperpaprikash above!

Combining my like of animals together with my handbag obsession, I kicked off @pursesandpaws a few weeks back as well as it has been so much fun. There are so many adorable photos of pets with designer purses as well as we want you to take part in the fun with us! If you are on Instagram as well as have a pet, make sure you tag @pursesandpaws as well as utilize hashtag #pursesandpaws for your possibility to be featured on our account.






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