The traveling Bag!?!?!

working for a handbag designer, I find myself obsessing over all her bags constantly. If I could, I would purchase every bag in every color, that’s how beautifully crafted they are. With only a few weeks left on my internship, I have been struggling to find the best handbag for me. selecting a color and style from Brynn’s designs is no easy task especially with her new fall collection about to come out and the two new designs.

Personally my favorite is probably one of her newer designs, the foldover wristlet. I love it in all the fall color options because it doesn’t have a common neutral color in it. I know I am guilty of having too numerous of the same color bags (usually in black). I’ve noticed that Brynn tries to stay away from blacks and gears towards bold, distinct or dynamic colored handbags.

But I’m not the only one struggling either, for the past couple weeks my sister and mother have been nonstop texting me with questions about all the styles, colors, and collections. All three of us have different preferences on what type of handbags we like, so it is typically hard for us to agree on anything. I tend to stick with neutrals colors and crossbody styles, my sister loves bold colors like cobalt blues and firetruck reds, and my mother loves bags that are multi-functional and patterned.

Then it hit me, I remember at the Well’s street Art Festival, this girl stopped by the booth with a amazing story. I guess at the one of a Kind show from a few years ago, her and her girlfriends fell in love with the Lauren bag. because they all wanted the same one, they chose to share it…Think Sisterhood of the traveling pants but with a handbag! Every couples months they rotate it between them. To make it even cuter, they write a journal of her time with them. It’s been like five years and some of the girls spend much more time with her than others, but I’m delighted to hear she is still traveling between them. LOL

So I thought that could work for us! If we each get our own bag and share them, we can rotate the bags between each other too!  I know it’s kinda unusual, but if you love all the bags and can’t decide, go in with a pal or family member and get double the handbags for the price of one.

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