In need of $14,500 for the Proenza Schouler Crocodile PS1

In the grand scheme of prices, $14,500 for an entire crocodile bag is not that bad. I am not too daft to recognize that it is an exorbitant price tag, but when you look at expensive designer bags all day long your sense of what is truly expensive versus what is not changes. and here I am telling you that $14,500 is not incredibly expensive. let me make sure to state that it is expensive, just not relatively speaking. and I love the Proenza Schouler PS1, which makes me more apt to justify the price tag.

We have already covered the crocodile PS1 and I loved it then. but now I have three more reasons to love the Proenza Schouler Crocodile PS1 and it has to do with color. vibrant coral, ocean blue, and bottle green to be exact.

Seriously, I think the duo behind Proenza decided not to product the PS1 in these gorgeous hues in leather, rather tempt all of us into oblivion by splashing the color onto crocodile skin. In fact, it is brilliant. Make desired colors in an already desired bag to make the desirability at least double what it was before. The color infusion is rich and delicious. any outfit will easily stand out if you spruce it up with one of these bright colors.

It all comes down to the price, if you like exotic skin, and if you like the PS1. If you don’t like exotic skin, you can rule yourself out of this bag and feel grateful that you do not need to feel yearning like I feel right now. If you do not like the bag itself, you are also free and clear. but the problem lies in if you love the bag, love the color, love the skin, but don’t have the money. I fall into the latter category. and it is awful.

I would like to ask the folks at Proenza Schouler to produce the PS1 in coral leather because I will buy it in a heart beat. Either of the other two colors would suffice as well. If you are willing, wanting, and able buy the crocodile PS1 at Proenza Schouler online or Net-A-Porter for $14,500.

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