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PurseBlog Asks: Which Bag would You buy right now with $2,500?

all of us have different buying habits. Some people buy whatever they believe they may like as well as return the things that don’t work out. Others impulse buy on instinct. Still others religiously wait on sales, with the objects of their affections carefully cataloged. I do some combination of the above, depending upon the item, its cost as well as where it’s available. I usually have some bag in mind that I’d like to have under the right circumstances, though, as well as that’s been the Valentino Lock Bag on as well as off for years.

The Lock Bag has always been my preferred Valentino piece since it toes the line between ladylike as well as punk the most deftly of all the Rockstud bags. The structured flap style is sophisticated, however the row of huge studs down its spine keeps it from being as well sweet. Some seasons don’t bring a version of this bag that I want to add to my closet, so it sometimes falls out of the top area in my personal must-buy rankings, however it’s always near the top.

Right now, this black version with dark hardware totally has my attention. I’m thankful Valentino restored the Rockstud Noir line, since toning down the brightness of the hardware makes the bag seem a bit bit more punk than it usually does, which would make it even more at house in my mainly dark-toned wardrobe. This may be the version that lastly makes me pull the trigger, as well as if I had an imaginary $2,500 to spend on a bag, it’d definitely be this right now. (Okay, so it exceeds that budget plan a bit bit–I can make my coffee at house for a couple weeks to comprise the difference.)

If you were to spend $2,500 on a bag right now, which one would it be? would you max out your budget, or get several bags at lower prices? If you as well as I are on the exact same page, you can pick up this for $2,545 via Neiman Marcus.

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