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With issues of livable wages and the true cost of fast fashion concerning surface in recent years, we’ve taken particular pride in our “Made in the USA” label. We’ve always been a part of the day to day process; and, we plan to keep it that way. but it got us thinking…

While we were researching some of our competition, it seems some brands are doing their best job to disguise themselves as being American-made while actually sourcing labor from overseas. for years (if not decades) after the fact companies have moved production overseas, some of their consumers still believe(d) their products were being made in the USA. because why would they tell you otherwise, especially nowadays.

Another example of this is when a brand’s headquarters are in the USA, but this does not imply that their products are actually “made in the USA.” Tricky, right?

The easiest way to spot these tricks? If the pricing of the items seems a little too good to be true- it probably is. Now, it’s alright to purchase items not made in the USA. We just want to make sure that if you’re searching for American-made goods, that you actually get them. It’s also essential to note that in many cases, you either get what you pay for or purchase it knowing that the laborer might be way underpaid. 

So, how can you spot a brand that misleads consumers? 

Here’s a list of ways to check on the brands you’re purchasing from if these are issues that matter to you.

Identify where they are manufacturing. If a company is trying to hide where it’s producing, the location many likely won’t be noted anywhere on their website. They’ll simply state “based in the United States.” They’ll expect the consumer to assume that therefore, it’s made in America. False.

If not noted on their website, a quick google search ought to do the trick.

If they aren’t manufacturing in the United States, do your research on the country, do they typically treat their factory workers fairly?

At Brynn Capella, we understand that it’s essential to always be conscious of what you are buying. We think about this every day – even outside of our American-made handbags. What are our purchases really supporting? try researching before you buy, you might be very surprised.

Sometimes “sweet deals” are actually pretty sour. The much more you know!

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