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Snub the Swimwear Trends with These fun Styles






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Swimwear trends have taken on their own life in recent years. Kudos to swimwear designers for getting innovative with new cuts as well as details, however if I see one more smocked-top bikini poolside, I believe I may gag.

I don’t have an problem with the season’s fun-loving styles — ruffles, polka dots as well as gingham included — but anytime there’s as well much of a great thing, I begin rethinking my options. Do I truly want to blend into the sea of ruffles as well as polka dots? And, as an older fashionista, do I requirement to? The response to both is no, not really.

So I went buying for the off-trend, distinct swimwear that’ll brand you as well as me as independent thinkers. right here are my top picks.

5 distinct Swimwear Styles

Long-sleeved suits

Floral One piece Suit, $14, DHGate

Long-sleeved swimsuits offer additional sun security as well as have a sporty, surfer-girl appeal. Bring along a pair of worn denim shorts as well as some flip flops, as well as you’ve got an outfit to stroll around in as well.

Animal-print suits

South beach animal Print Plunge Swimsuit, $48, ASOS

Animal-print has its moments in as well as out of the spotlight. This season, the edgy print is taking a backseat to gingham as well as stripes as well as polka dots. however in my eyes, that only increases the charm of the big-cat look. pull this out when you’re feeling rebellious as well as you’ll certainly stand out poolside.

Tan-through suits

Amalfi Tan-Through Tankini, $28, Kiniki.com

The tan-through fit is aggressively off-trend, because it’s a no-no these days to spend as well much time in the sun. however you can make this choice work for you with some tactical sunscreen application. Some tan-through suits offer a degree of sun protection. If your chosen style offers, say, the equivalent of 30 SPF, then apply 30 SPF all over else. Or, if the fit has minimal protection, apply sunscreen all over.

There is something appealing about minimizing those tan lines, however don’t do it at the danger of your skin health.

Baywatch-inspired one-piece

Polo Ralph Lauren Icon Classics Side Plunge One-Piece, $90, Zappos

Edited by Amber increased Swimsuit, $57.50, Simplybe

The solid-colored, high-leg, one-piece style isn’t rather old sufficient to be considered retro, however it’s close. For those of you old sufficient to keep in mind Baywatch, this is the TV-created uniform for hot woman lifeguards. Wear this style when your confidence is running high as well as all the younger girls will question where you got your swagger.


Grommet two-piece set, $59, Venus

If you had to put a character on this season’s trending styles, it’d be bubbly for sure. The grommet-embellished swimsuit falls at the other end of the spectrum — in dark as well as brooding territory.

Admittedly, grommets aren’t extremely useful in swimwear, as they can leave you with goofy tan lines. just apply sunscreen liberally before you head out to make your own distinct swimwear statement this season.

This publish was originally published in 2011, as well as we rewrote it in 2018.

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